“I’ve worked with Tim on many dozens of articles—his, mine, and works by other writers. And I can say without reservation that if you need a top-notch editor, you need look no further than Tim. He has an eye and an ear for precision, clarity, and eloquence. Whatever he edits—whether an article, a book, or ad copy—he improves markedly. When quality matters, he’s the editor you need. Hire Tim.”

—Craig Biddle, Owner & Editor of The Objective Standard

“Our company hired Tim to write expert content for our e-commerce stores. I am blown away by both his talent and his professionalism. He crafts thoughtful resources and buying guides for our customers and writes exceptional copy that requires essentially zero editing.”

—Lauren Malm, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Cat5 Commerce

“Tim really is doing great work and the turnaround time is mind-boggling. I don’t think any of my other writers deliver so quickly and in such high quality on their first draft. Kudos to Tim!”

—Alex Glawion, Owner of CGDirector.com

“I engaged Tim to help with a final content review before publication of my book. He provided excellent feedback and in a surprisingly fast manner. I would heartily recommend his services.”

—Jason Stotts, Psychotherapist, Author of Eros & Ethos

“I’ve worked with Tim for well over a year, and I’ve been impressed by how much attention he pays to small details while still maintaining a focus on long-range goals and the broader purpose of projects. He has had a definite positive impact on the quality and professionalism of our work.”

—Jon Hersey, Associate Editor of The Objective Standard

“Tim is an exceptionally talented and reliable writer. His work is always well-written and well-researched, with the final product always being in-depth and informative. His honest, uncompromising writing style is distinctive and his drive to perfect his craft is refreshing.”

—John Santina, Owner & Editor of Grown Gaming

“Tim is a great asset to our sales writing team. He helps our high-earning clients navigate big contracts and maintains quick turnaround times. We’d love to continue working with him for years to come.”

—Matt Pasternack, CEO of WriteWell



Robert Smalls: From Slave to War Hero, Entrepreneur, and Congressman (The Objective Standard)*

Joan of Arc: Heroine of France, Exemplar of Courage (The Objective Standard)*

From Sea to Shining Sea: The Heroes and Villains of the First Transcontinental Railroad (The Objective Standard)

*These articles are paywalled. Please email me if you’d like a complete version to review.

Living Well

5 Nighttime Relaxation Techniques To Up Your Daytime Game (BestSelf.co)

Promote Winter Wellness with Hygge (The Objective Standard)

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life: 5 Lessons from Miyamoto Musashi’s “Way of the Warrior” (The Objective Standard)*

*This article is paywalled. Please email me if you’d like a complete version to review.

Politics, Art, & Culture

Justice for Michael Jackson (The Objective Standard)*

The Green New Deal: A Plan to Sink America (The Objective Standard)

The Bright Side of Horror (The Objective Standard)

*This article is paywalled. Please email me if you'd like a complete version to review.

Bushcraft/Outdoor Survival

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


What sort of education and experience do you have?

I’ve been writing regularly since 1996 and getting paid to do it since 2007. I’ve published hundreds of articles in dozens of places ranging from small business blogs to scholarly journals to Fortune 500 companies. Writing is not just something I do to pay the bills—it’s my central purpose and driving passion. Writing never “feels like work” to me—I enjoy it thoroughly and am always striving to hone my craft.

I have an AA degree in English, as well as AS degrees in nursing and biology. I have an excellent grasp of grammar and the three “main” style guides (Chicago, AP, MLA). I have extremely high standards of truth, clarity, and reader-friendliness for my own writing; I invite you to visit my portfolio to gauge them for yourself.

What are your office hours?

I work M/T/Th/F, 9AM–5PM mountain standard time (closed Wednesdays). I strive to respond to all emails within 8 working hours.

What are your rates?

I am an experienced, highly skilled writer/editor, and I charge accordingly. My rates for all projects start at $100/hour, $0.20/word for writing, or $0.05/word for editing. Flat-rate pricing is available for some projects and is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Rates may increase for services offered through platforms such as Upwork, which often charge substantial fees.

What is your typical turnaround time?

For most articles under 3,000 words, I can deliver a highly polished final draft within 3–5 business days. Even if you have your own editors, I nonetheless edit my own work prior to delivery to maximize its quality. I do offer rush jobs, with a surcharge and when my workload permits.

For projects longer than 3,000 words, please contact me for a quote.

Do you do ghostwriting?

Generally, no, but there are exceptions. Please send me a message with the details of your ghostwriting project.

Are you willing to undergo an interview and testing process?

I am more than happy to participate in your evaluation process, provided it lasts no longer than two weeks and includes no more than one hour of unpaid interview time. Alternatively, I would be glad to write a single trial article for you at an introductory rate. I do not write trial or test articles for free, nor do I take skills tests. I believe my work and extensive experience speak for themselves.

Do you have a contract or work agreement that I can examine?

Yes, I do. You can view my standard work agreements here:

Note that these work agreements are templates and usually are customized to meet a particular client’s needs.


Alternatively, you may email info@timwhitewriting.com

All spam messages and unsolicited sales pitches for goods or services will be ignored without exception