Nonfiction Writing Coaching

I help aspiring and seasoned writers alike—anyone who is serious about putting in significant time and effort. If you have a deep and sincere commitment to the craft of writing but aren’t sure where to start or how to take your skills to the next level, I’m the coach you’ve been looking for.

Nonfiction Writing Coaching

I offer one-hour sessions that can be held online—or in person, for those located in or around Phoenix, AZ.

Please note that I vet clients carefully and I only coach serious writers. In this context, “seriousness” measures the amount of time and effort a writer is prepared to invest, not skill level—novice writers can be serious and professional writers can be unserious.

Writing is hard. Discovering the principles of good writing—and understanding why they’re true—is mentally demanding. Real improvement requires a good deal of consistent practice between and after our coaching sessions.

If you’re ready to make that commitment, I’m ready to make it with you.

Nonfiction Coaching Testimonials

I’ve worked with Tim for several months and have found his coaching very helpful. He’s helped me make my writing clearer and more compelling, and I’m now able to communicate more effectively with a broader audience. I highly recommend his services.”

Maggie Bird

Writer, Small Business Owner

“As a novice just breaking into the freelance writing industry, I was unsure of what to expect or of how to go about finding and securing work. With Tim’s guidance and expertise, I was able to land my first job and launch myself into a new and exciting career.”

William Nauenburg

Freelance Writer

“English is my second language. I had the luxury of Tim’s help for polishing my academic writing. He’s great at helping me restructure my work into concise and elegant sentences.”

Tobias Strandlyst


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