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The Nightmare Machine

Soulaerium trilogy #1

Bangor, Maine. Sara Holcomb knows what she must do. Raised within a secret order devoted to protecting humanity from a malevolent god, the dutiful seventeen-year-old prepares for a terrifying expedition through a world of nightmares. So when the time comes, she convinces three close friends to escort her on a perilous journey to an otherworldly cathedral of bone and blood.

The Nightmare Machine is the thought-provoking first book in the Soulaerium horror-thriller trilogy. If you like flawed but resolute heroes, deep themes of self-determination, and plenty of action, then you’ll love this terrifying tale of good versus evil.


A Nightmare Machine prequel novella

Sixteen years before the events of The Nightmare Machine, university student Roland Alvarez suddenly finds himself in the middle of something he can’t explain—something strange and terrifying that seems connected to the girl he loves. At her family’s vineyard, workers are dying mysteriously, and before long, rumors begin to spread—rumors of Luz Mala, evil spirits that drive all who see them to madness.

Gaslights is a short but thrilling introduction to the universe of The Nightmare Machine. Part mystery, part ghost story, part tragic love tale, part Argentinian folklore, it’s got something for everyone.

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