Writing and editing courses are often top-down, dictated rather than taught. In such courses, students memorize rules and “best practices”—which are sometimes not even good practices. I teach evidence-based principles of good writing and help students understand why those principles are true, useful, and valuable.


Fiction Courses

Elements of Effective Storytelling

Discover what makes a great story great and learn how to keep readers glued to the page

Fundamentals of the novel-writing process

Learn and practice the evidence-based series of steps necessary to write a tight, compelling novel

Nonfiction Courses

Essential Principles of Nonfiction Writing

Learn powerful, evidence-based methods for writing blog posts, articles, and books that effectively persuade readers and help to clarify their thinking on complex topics

Essential Principles of Nonfiction Editing

Dramatically improve your and others’ nonfiction writing with this powerful, clarity-enhancing system (students are strongly advised to take “Essential Principles of Nonfiction Writing” first)