A Values-Based Approach to Personal Finance 

A majority—if not an overwhelming majority—of personal finance experts and aficionados these days seem to define healthy money habits as “whatever gets you the most dollars,” or perhaps “whatever maximizes your credit score.”

This approach to personal finance of maximizing savings or earnings at the expense of most other considerations is a short-sighted and ineffective one.

A Values-Based Approach to Personal Finance explores, in depth, the relationship between your personal values and healthy money habits. Designing a values-based financial plan isn’t easy, largely because almost nobody else in the finance world talks about it. This book will help you gain clarity on a complex yet life-enriching topic.

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The Beggar’s Key 

A fusion of mystery, horror, and 19th-century Romanticism, The Beggar’s Key follows 17-year-old Sara as she struggles under a tremendous burden of duty and sacrifice.

When desperation causes Sara to place her closest friends and mentors in grave danger, she must weigh her own life against theirs—and those of everyone else on Earth. The rules of the game she’s forced to play are harsh and unfair, but can she change them?

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