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Book 1 of the Soulaerium Trilogy

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The Nightmare Machine

Soulaerium trilogy #1

Five millennia of suffering. A pilgrimage steeped in terror. Will her quest bring redemption or only a false promise of salvation?

Bangor, Maine. Sara Holcomb knows what she must do. Raised within a secret order devoted to protecting humanity from a malevolent god, the dutiful seventeen-year-old prepares for a terrifying expedition through a world of nightmares. So when the time comes, she convinces three close friends to escort her on a perilous journey to an otherworldly cathedral of bone and blood.

Transported to a land of chaos and horror while they sleep, Sara wrestles with guilt at bringing people she holds dear to this hell from which they may not escape. And as vicious traps and pitiless creatures tear at their bodies and minds, the honor-bound young woman fears they won’t be strong enough to complete the mission that will preserve mankind.

Will Sara succeed in staving off annihilation?

The Nightmare Machine is the thought-provoking first book in the Soulaerium horror-thriller trilogy. If you like flawed but resolute heroes, deep themes of self-determination, and plenty of action, then you’ll love this terrifying tale of good versus evil.

Praise for The Nightmare Machine


“Imagine Terry Goodkind’s philosophically oriented storytelling mixed with Larry Correia’s action-packed fight scenes, seasoned with a dash of Neil Gaiman’s signature optimism. This book is special.”

—Sean B.


The Nightmare Machine is a captivating and thrilling novel. A must read book that I could not put down. It’s very suspenseful and a joy to read. Tim White is a masterful storyteller!”

—Josh S.


“This is an exciting, action packed, fantasy-thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely loved this wild emotional roller coaster that took me from ‘hell yeah’ to ‘hopeless’ and back. I felt so connected to the characters because they were so real, relatable and someone I would want to be or know in person. I loved the profound views on the value of life throughout the entire book. People who like thriller, horror, fantasy, action, adventure, heartfelt, eye opening stories and twists will like this book.”

—Audrey P.


The Nightmare Machine was a wild ride, in the best possible way. . . . Great story-telling and a nicely paced plot, it kept me engaged, guessing, and rapidly turning pages. Plenty of twists and turns, lots of action, and a good number of scenes so intense that I wanted to read them with one eye closed. Definitely one to read if you like supernatural thrillers, and/or just enjoy character-driven stories about realistic, flawed humans who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.”

—Jennifer M.


“I was impressed that the novel explores compelling moral questions and manages to promote a life-affirming viewpoint—without being didactic or heavy-handed. I read a lot (especially SF and fantasy) and it’s rare for an author to handle such important themes with so much finesse.”

—Stewart M.


“Really, the greatest praise that I can give this book is that I couldn’t put it down. Every good book I have ever read has grabbed me by the collar and demanded that I finish it in one go (and I nearly did with The Nightmare Machine except for this pesky thing called sleep...). I highly recommend that you read.”

—Nick E.


The Nightmare Machine drew me in from the very first pages, from the artfully detailed descriptions to the introductions and development of the characters I found myself wanting to read more and find out what happened next with each chapter that I read. . . . The Nightmare Machine had all the best elements of an amazing book: characters you grow to care about, descriptions that paint a vivid picture, and a story that is captivating and profound.  I will definitely read this book again!”

—Rebekah R.


“I don’t want to say anything about the story itself as watching it unfold was exciting and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Let me just say that I would have never expected where it went from the first chapter and was very pleasantly surprised. It had me in suspense through much of the story and ended up being a great read. I highly recommend checking it out.”

—Jason S.

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